Pearl Barley & Heirloom Tomato Salad with Birch & Waite Professional Italian Dressing

Serves 10

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  • 300g Pearl Barley (raw weight)
  • 200g Black Barley (raw weight)
  • 160g Birch & Waite¬†Professional Italian Dressing
  • 250g blistered Sweet Romano capsicums, sliced finely (required 400g mixed red & yellow Romano peppers)
  • 300g Slow roasted lemon thyme Heirloom Tomatoes:
    • 500g Heirloom Tomatoes
    • 40g Extra virgin olive oil
    • 8g Sea salt
    • 2g Black pepper
    • 6g Lemon thyme leaves
  • 190g Broad Beans frozen de shelled
  • 12g Baby Basil leaves
  • 5g Seal salt flakes
  • 2g Freshly bround black pepper

To finish

  • 50g Birch & Waite Professional Italian Dressing
  • 50g Slow roasted lemon thyme Heirloom Tomatoes
  • 2g Baby Basil leaves


  1. Cook both the pearl barley & black barley in boiling salted water until tender, refresh in ice cold water & put aside for later
  2. For the blistered Romano capsicums, place approx. 400g of mixed red & yellow Romano peppers in a large bowl with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, mix until the capsicums are well coated. Once coated place over an open flame turning regularly until the skin starts to blister & turn black. Place back into a bowl and cover tightly with glad wrap, leave for 10 minutes to loosen the charred skins. After 10 minutes scrape the skin off with a sharp knife & slice finely into rings.
  3. For the slow roasted heirloom tomatoes take 500g of mixed heirloom tomatoes & slice in half, place cut face up on a non stick baking tray or parchment paper, drizzle with extra virgin olive & sea salt flakes. Add lemon thyme leaves & roast on 150oc for 30 minutes. Chill & set aside.
  4. To mix the salad place both the pearl barley & black barley in a large mixing bowl with the Italian dressing, add in the peeled broad beans, blistered capsicums & the roasted heirloom tomatoes retaining 50g for the garnish. Gently toss the salad & season with the sea salt flakes, black pepper and baby basil leaves.
  5. Place salad in desired bowl or plate and garnish with roasted heirloom tomatoes, baby basil leaves & a final drizzle of Italian dressing

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